Climate-Controlled Storage Solutions

Items that are not sensitive to temperature changes can be stored in a traditional storage unit at Global Self Storage. However, items that are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, including paperwork, artwork, electronics, or upholstered furniture, should be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.

What is climate-controlled storage?

A climate-controlled storage unit includes heating and air conditioning. At Global Self Storage, climate-controlled units typically stay between 55 and 80 degrees. These units regulate temperature to provide an extra layer of protection for your items.


Climate control helps protect sensitive items from external weather conditions and extreme temperature changes.


Less chance of rust, mold, mildew, warping, or cracking with your items.


Visiting your storage unit on hot and cold days will be more pleasant with climate control.

Things to consider when determining whether you need climate-controlled storage...

What are you storing?

When storing items like the following, climate control is key to protect them:

  • Wooden and leather furniture
  • Books, newspapers, and magazines
  • Important documents
  • Electronics
  • Artwork and collectibles
  • Clothing
  • Records, CDs, and DVDs
  • Photos and film reels
  • Musical instruments
  • Wine (note: wine should be stored in specialized wine storage units, which regulate temperature and humidity even more closely than typical climate-controlled storage units)

Where are you storing?

Renting a storage unit with climate control is recommended if you live in a region where temperatures fluctuate dramatically. 

When and how long will you be storing?

If you’re storing items in the winter or over the summer, climate control may be worth it, especially in areas where temperatures vary greatly during the different seasons. In addition, climate-controlled storage is especially good to consider for long-term storage.

Give your items an extra layer of protection

Don’t take any chances with your most valuable possessions. Global Self Storage’s climate-controlled storage units help keep your stored items in the same condition in which they arrived. With a variety of unit sizes available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. In addition, because most storage units with climate control are located inside a storage facility (rather than accessible outdoors), there’s another layer of privacy and safety for you and your stored items.

Want to learn more about climate-controlled storage? Contact our knowledgeable team and they’ll help you find your perfect unit.