Kiosk at Global Self Storage in McCordsville, Indiana

McCordsville Kiosk


The kiosk at McCordsville has been installed for your convenience. Our self-service kiosk is a quick and convenient way to manage your rental, and to inquire and obtain information.


With our kiosk, you can:


- Make a payment (see payment instructions below)

- Retrieve a receipt for payment

- Purchase a new lock

- Determine the appropriate storage size necessary to meet your needs

- Check unit size availability and rental rates

- Rent a new unit and see a copy of your lease

- Update your address or contact information for our records

- See a map of our facility

- Talk to a customer service representative before or after our regular office hours

Using our kiosk is simple as we have user-friendly features including: a keyboard for data entry, touch screen for easy navigation, voice prompts to help guide you, and a speaker phone to contact the call center.

The kiosk at McCordsville is available to you 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, and if you have any questions, the kiosk comes with live support. 

Kiosk Benefits
Global Self Storage


13942 E 96th St McCordsville, IN 46055

The kiosk at Global Self Storage in McCordsville, Indiana

Payment Instructions:

* You will need to know your rental unit number and the last four digits of your primary phone number to make a payment through the kiosk. 


1. Press the Existing Customer button.

2. Enter your Rental Unit number, press the TAB key to move the cursor to the next field, and enter your last four digits of your primary phone number.

3. Press CONTINUE after you have entered your information.

4. Press Make a Payment button.

5. Select the unit you wish to make a payment for (you can also make a single payment for multiple units).

6. If you have a balance due, the amount owed will be displayed (you can also prepay for future months).

7. Select the payment type you would like (the kiosk will accept CASH, CHECK, or any major CREDIT CARD).

8. Insert payment.

9. Retrieve your printed receipt.

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