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Who We Are

Global Self Storage, Inc. (NASDAQ: SELF) (“Global Self Storage”) is a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust (“REIT”) that owns, operates, manages, acquires and redevelops self storage properties and provides third-party management services to self storage property owners in the United States. Global Self Storage currently owns and/or manages thirteen self storage properties.

Our superior performance stems from a combination of highly trained and experienced team members, a platform that delivers, and a focused strategy driving exceptional results. Global Self Storage seeks to manage properties where our highly-effective professional management and best practices can improve operations.

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Why Global MaxManagement℠?

Choose a management company with a history of proven results

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing expertise leads to high SEO/SEM results, positive brand reputation, and exceptional online visibility. It also generates a constant flow of prospective tenant leads and inquiries that can lead to long-term pricing power and high occupancy rates.

Quality Tenants

We focus on attracting quality storage tenants to our managed properties. Quality tenants are those that stay longer, pay on time, and are more receptive to rate increases.

Customer Service Management

Our superior Customer Service Management generates positive customer experience results, which can lead to long tenant duration. Our highly trained and experienced regional managers will provide dedicated support to local managers at your property.

Revenue Rate Management

Our effectiveness at revenue management, combined with consistently high occupancies due in part to the previously mentioned strategies, leads to successful long-term revenue and NOI growth.

Choose Global Self Storage

Our sophisticated and innovative platform has generated record revenues and net operating incomes (NOI). We see strong FFO and AFFO growth and can generate the same proven results for your self storage property!

The Global MaxManagement℠ Platform

Our Global MaxManagement℠ platform is a superior, branded property management service for self storage owners. We provide day-to-day property management services, strong relationships, and alignment of interests between Global Self Storage and self storage owners. We treat third-party-managed properties as though they are our own, employing the same best-in-class strategies, marketing, operations, industry experience, and efficiency to help the property succeed. With Global MaxManagement℠, you'll get a partnership with a strong and national brand, increased revenue, and hassle-free ownership.


Quarter after quarter, our company has demonstrated strong same-store revenue and net operating income growth. Trust in that proven track record to improve your business when it’s managed by Global Self Storage.

Revenue Rate Management

We employ our proprietary revenue rate management program, which helps us to analyze, adjust, and set our move-in and existing tenant rental rates on a real-time basis across our portfolio. Among other technologies, we employ internet data scraping of our local competitors’ move-in rental rates to enable us to proactively respond and take advantage of changing market conditions across our portfolio.

Brand Recognition and Digital Marketing

We have registered the trademark and developed the brand “Global Self Storage.” This branding process has included the creation and development of our website, with strong authority as a single portal where customers can find storage units from across the facilities we manage.

Focus on Quality Tenants

We prioritize tenant quality both in our marketing and operational efforts. Some ways we target higher quality tenants are our tenant referral program and our credit card-only promotions, which generally lead to longer-staying customers that pay on time. As a result of these efforts, average same-store tenant duration was ~3.0 years as of December 31, 2020.

Customer Service Management

Customers choose us because of our high-quality service and facilities. All of our properties have on-site property managers who are committed to delivering the finest customer service. We utilize a customer call center to handle telephone inquiries when managers are unavailable. At Global Self Storage, Security is Our First Priority℠, and we implement 24/7 video security and keypad-coded gate access at our properties.

Operational Expertise

We have highly-trained and experienced team members managing our own facilities as well as our third-party-managed properties. The quality and professionalism of our employees—from corporate headquarters to each individual property—is evident, and the strength and competence we present is palpable across all facets of the company. When you work with Global MaxManagement℠, you work with a team that has a passion for creating and sustaining long-lasting relationships and that is dedicated to your success. 

Why Choose Third-Party Management?

Third-party management from Global Self Storage will take your storage business to the next level

Maximize the value of your property with experienced and dedicated industry professionals working for you

Avoid the challenges of managing staff, budgets, Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), marketing, and maintenance

Rely on industry professionals with decades of experience to handle your self storage operational needs and success

Take the burden out of your investment and get back to enjoying your life hassle-free

Rent your unit

Why Choose Global MaxManagement℠?

See why Global Self Storage is the right management partner for you!

  • Strong same-store double-digit percentage growth in FFO & AFFO.
  • Highly trained and experienced regional managers provide dedicated support to your local property managers.
  • Sophisticated and effective revenue rate management.
  • Revenue-generating internet presence and instant brand recognition.
  • SEO strategy that makes you competitive.
  • Automated collections services and auction process.
  • Reliable, industry-leading call center.
  • Exemplary attention to staff training and development.
  • Purchasing power and reduced operating expenses.
  • Exit strategy opportunities that fit your needs.

Key Competitive Factors vs. Public REIT Peers

Global Self Storage offers many advantages over other REITs when it comes to third-party management
Attract quality, long-staying tenants
by incentivizing credit card auto-payers and building upon referrals from existing high-quality tenants
Effective rate management
helps maximize your revenue with daily analysis and systematic rate increases per customer
Greater agility
allows innovation and faster response to market conditions and trends
Security is Our First Priority℠
so we provide high-end and highly secure facilities with security cameras and keypad-coded access

Key Takeaways

The most important things for you to remember about Global MaxManagement℠ and Global Self Storage

Self storage REIT with double-digit percentage growth in same-store revenues and NOI.

Strong lease-up performance at expansions/conversions in 2020.

Unique focus on high-quality tenants supports higher occupancy rates, longer lengths of stay and revenue rate increases.

Digital marketing expertise leads to positive brand reputation and visibility online.

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Meet Our Team

Learn more about the management professionals behind Global Self Storage

Mark C. Winmill (CEO, President, and Chairman of Board of Directors)

Mr. Mark C. Winmill manages all aspects of the company’s self storage facility businesses including, among other things, the formation of business objectives and strategies, identification of potential acquisition targets, development of project plans, retention of employees, establishment of compensation and compensation incentives, negotiation and closing of property acquisitions, obtaining zoning approvals, overseeing construction, and development of leasing and tenant acquisition strategies. He was selected to serve on our Board because of his experience and extensive knowledge of the self storage industry and matters relating to real estate development, finance, accounting, and board operations. Mr. Winmill has over 36 years of real estate investing experience and has led the acquisition, development and management of over 50 projects valued at over $300 million since 1982, including over $65 million of self storage properties since 2012. Prior to Global Self Storage, Inc., Mr. Winmill was the founder and CEO of Bull & Bear Securities, Inc., a nationwide discount broker. He worked as CEO from 1987 until its sale to the Royal Bank of Canada in 1999. Mr. Winmill is a trustee of two charitable foundations, numerous family trusts, and a director of two other companies.

Thomas O’Malley (CFO, Treasurer & Senior Vice President)

Thomas O’Malley oversees financial reporting for the company and assists the CEO in acquiring, developing, managing, and operating the company's self storage businesses. Mr. O’Malley has over 30 years of financial and operating experience in the real estate, financial services, and investment management sectors. He previously served as assistant controller of the investment advisory Reich & Tang, and prior to that he was an audit manager at RSM. He is a certified public accountant.

Donald Klimoski II, Esq. (Senior Vice President of Operations, General Counsel, Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer)

Don Klimoski oversees company operations and legal and compliance matters, and assists the CEO in acquiring, developing, managing, and operating the company's self storage facility businesses. Mr. Klimoski previously served as the associate general counsel of NASDAQ-listed Commvault Systems from 2014 to 2017. Prior to leaving private practice, he was an associate at Sullivan and Cromwell, where his practice focused on mergers and acquisitions, securities law, corporate governance, intellectual property, and related matters from 2008 to 2014. He is a member of the New York and New Jersey State Bars and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Robert J. Mathers (Vice President of Property Operations)

Robert Mathers assists the CEO in developing, managing, and operating the company's self storage facility businesses. Mr. Mathers has over 30 years of real estate property operations management experience.

Jonathan Arasin (Vice President of Customer Operations)

Jonathan Arasin serves as the Vice President of Customer Operations. He assists the CEO by overseeing customer operations at facilities, implementing the company’s revenue rate management program, and ensuring that company policies are met while delivering best in class customer service to the company’s tenants. Mr. Arasin has 15+ years of customer service and sales experience in the retail and self storage industries.

Gretchen Nau (Marketing Associate)

Gretchen Nau has served as Marketing Associate to the company since 2023. Gretchen is a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the world of marketing, complemented by strong roots in graphic design. Her expertise encompasses strategic planning, brand management, digital marketing, and driving growth for businesses. Her background in graphic design gives her a unique perspective on visual communication and creativity, which she incorporates into her marketing strategies.

Angelito Sarabia (Controller)

Angelito Sarabia reports to the company’s Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for managing and controlling the company’s accounting and financial records, including accounts payable. He has over 15 years of combined experience in financial and management services.

Russell Kamerman, Esq. (Asst. General Counsel, Asst. Secretary, Asst. CCO & Vice President)

Russell Kamerman assists the General Counsel with company legal and compliance matters. Previously, Mr. Kamerman was an associate at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP and Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, where his practice focused on asset management, securities law, compliance, and other corporate matters from 2008 to 2014. He is a member of the New York State Bar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve taken the time to answer some of the most common questions about third-party management and partnering with Global Self Storage. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us anytime via email at or by phone (317) 597-5052. 

Why should owners consider a third-party management company?

Owners should consider a third-party management company if they are new to the industry, looking to expand, or scaling back and looking for someone to take care of their property. Global Self Storage works closely with each owner to discuss the owner's situation and goals to find the best outcome to maximize profits. Owners that are interested in hiring a third-party management company should think about their own expertise and time in relation to a third-party management company's experience and past performance, vendor sources, and scalability. Owners should consider qualitative factors when considering a third-party management company's attractiveness but also quantitative performance results to determine competency and subsequently decide what company will be able to manage a property best.

What should owners look for in a third-party management company?

Owners should look for a third-party management company that consistently delivers top-ranked performance results. Almost all third-party management companies will talk about how they can reduce hassle, increase occupancy, and/or can run the facility better than the owner, but owners should look at the bigger picture to find a company whose vision, mission, and values align with the owners' short and long-term objectives. Occupancy is only one component of the operator success equation. Owners need to look at the sophistication of the third-party management company’s operations, including the strength of its online presence and digital marketing, ability to drive rates and achieve optimal high occupancy, local managerial staff availability and experience, and corporate support. When selecting a third-party management company, it is important to understand how the management company operates. A good management company will have a proven system in place and significant expertise leading to demonstrated success and positive performance results.

Are you only interested in existing properties?

Global Self Storage is interested in managing both existing and development properties. If you have a development property, it is preferable to become involved in the process early on. This way, we can serve as an operational consultant to advise on unit mix, signage, marketing, technology, and other factors and considerations.

Are there any geographic or size limitations when determining if you’ll manage a property?

We don’t typically have any strict geographic or size limitations when considering suitability for management, but we want to make sure that the property and our platform will mix well so that we can help the property succeed. We will determine suitability for management based on Global Self Storage's mission: We seek to manage properties where our highly-effective professional management and best practices can improve operations. At the same time, we are always open to discussing the potential of managing any property.

Will my site be treated the same as a Global Self Storage-owned property?

Absolutely! Creating strong partnerships is extremely important to us. And given the scope of our operation, we make no distinction between wholly-owned, joint venture, or third-party managed properties. While we review every property individually when it comes to optimizing operations and marketing efforts, these considerations and the review methods will be the same across all properties. Once a property is integrated, it will be considered a Global property and third-party owners will benefit from our strong brand.

How long does it take to transition a facility to being managed by Global Self Storage?

The transition time can only be defined on a case-by-case basis. Our team works closely with the owner to make sure that the transition is seamless and integration happens smoothly. Contact us for more information. 

What setup costs will be incurred?

Set-up costs are charged to the property on a need-based basis and vary for every property. In many cases, the necessary items are already available at the site, and new items are not necessary. In addition, set-up costs may, from time to time, be shared by Global Self Storage. Breakdowns of set up costs will be provided to the owner prior to any engagement.

How can I know what my costs will be once my property is managed by Global Self Storage, and how will accounting be managed?

We will put together a customized budget for your property to illustrate what your costs would be. We can also give you a projection of occupancy, discounts, and revenues under our management platform. Using results from comparable properties, we can accurately forecast your costs and potential cost savings. Global Self Storage will handle the accounting for your property. We can provide you with sample financials to demonstrate what is provided to third-party owners and accounting reports can also be emailed per your request. Owner distributions are typically done by ACH to the owner’s preferred bank account unless otherwise requested.

What about branding and signage?

By partnering with Global Self Storage, owners will benefit from the strength of our brand, our national presence, and our prominence. As part of transitioning your property to Global Self Storage and integrating with our brand, certain setup and branding elements, including exterior signage and interior branding and marketing assets, will need to be addressed and/or changed. Set up costs can vary based on the property.

Will current property managers have an opportunity to apply if the property becomes managed by Global Self Storage?

Yes, we will definitely consider current site managers and staff if the property becomes managed by Global Self Storage. We realize that current managers might already have developed important knowledge about the property and created relationships with current customers, and this will be considered when evaluating property managers' experience and fit.

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