Global MaxManagementsm

A Results-Driven Third-Party Management Platform

Who We Are

Global Self Storage, Inc. (NASDAQ: SELF) (“Global Self Storage”) is a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust (“REIT”) that owns, operates, manages, acquires and redevelops self storage properties and provides third-party management services to self storage property owners in the United States. Global Self Storage currently owns and/or manages thirteen self storage properties. 

Global Self Storage's sophisticated and innovative self storage platform has generated strong same-store revenues and net operating income, reflecting our winning strategy. Global Self Storage seeks to manage properties where our highly-effective professional management and best practices can improve operations. 

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Our sophisticated and innovative platform has generated record revenues and net operating income (NOI) and strong, FFO and AFFO growth and can generate the same proven results for your self storage property!

Why Global MaxManagementsm?


Our Digital Marketing expertise leads to high SEO/SEM results, positive brand reputation, and visibility online. It also generates a constant flow of prospective tenant leads and inquiries that can lead to long-term pricing power and high occupancy rates.


Our superior Customer Service Management generates positive customer experience results, which can lead to long tenant duration. Our highly trained and experienced regional managers will provide dedicated support to local managers at your property.


Our focus on attracting Quality Tenants can result in longer tenant duration and greater receptivity to rental rate increases.


Our effectiveness at Revenue Rate Management, combined with consistently high occupancies due in part to the previously mentioned strategies, can lead to successful long-term revenue and NOI growth.

The Global MaxManagementsm Platform

The Global MaxManagementsm platform is a superior, branded property management service for self-storage owners, providing day-to-day property management services and strong relationship and alignment of interests between Global Self Storage and self storage owners. We treat third-party managed properties as though they are our own, employing the same best-in-class strategies, marketing, operations, industry experience, and efficiency to help the property succeed. With Global MaxManagementsm, you'll get a partnership with a strong and national brand, increased revenue, and hassle-free ownership. 


Quarter after quarter, the company has demonstrated strong same-store revenue and net operating income growth.

Revenue Rate Management

In seeking to maximize the performance of our properties, we employ our proprietary revenue rate management program, which helps us to analyze, adjust, and set our move-in and existing tenant rental rates on a real-time basis across our portfolio. Among other technologies, we employ internet data scraping of our local competitors’ move-in rental rates to enable us to proactively respond and take advantage of changing market conditions across our portfolio. 

Brand Recognition and Digital Marketing Prowess

We have registered the trademark and developed the brand “Global Self Storage.” We have developed a corporate logo and have incorporated it on all of our on-site signage, advertising and other marketing materials. This branding process has included the creation and development of the website, whereby prospective customers can rent a storage unit or learn about the features of any of our properties in their various locations. We continue to develop the Global Self Storage online presence through advertising and search engine optimization.

Focus on Quality Tenants

Attracting and retaining high-quality, long-term tenants is a top priority for Global Self Storage and we strongly believe in tenant quality over tenant quantity. We prioritize tenant quality both in our marketing and operational efforts. In our marketing efforts, we have seen success in our referral marketing program, through which our tenants may recommend Global Self Storage to their family, friends, and colleagues. This generates new tenant inquiries for high quality new tenants. As part of our initiative to build a higher quality overall tenant base we often target our promotions to credit card paying customers, who rent for longer duration and and accept greater rental rate increases. We have a strong digital presence generating new tenant inquiries and also believe that our property managers’ attention to detail—maintaining security, cleanliness, and attentive customer service—is essential to attracting high quality tenants. As a result of these efforts, average same-store tenant duration was ~3.0 years as of December 31, 2020. 

Customer Service Management

Customers choose us because of our high quality service and facilities. All of our properties have on-site property managers who are committed to delivering the finest customer service. We utilize a customer call center to handle telephone inquiries from current and prospective tenants whenever our store managers are not available. We seek to deliver convenience and high-quality customer service to our tenants as well as maintain clean and secure properties at all times. At Global Self Storage, Security is Our First Prioritysm and we implement 24/7 video security and keypad-coded gate access at our properties. Each of our properties also features a rental and payment kiosk available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, where prospective tenants can rent a unit and current tenants can pay their rent. Our goal is to make the customer experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. 

Operational Expertise

We have highly trained and experienced people managing our own facilities as well as our third-party managed properties, and we know how to make your property succeed too. The quality and professionalism of our employees—from corporate headquarters to each individual property—is evident, and the strength and competence we present is palpable across all facets of the company—from marketing to operations—providing a seamless experience for all customers. When you work with Global MaxManagementsm, you work with a team that has a passion for creating and sustaining long-lasting relationships and that is dedicated to your success. 

Our superior performance stems from a combination of highly trained and experienced team members, a platform that delivers, and a focused strategy driving exceptional results.


Quarter after quarter, the company has demonstrated strong same-store revenue and net operating income growth.

This performance shows that we have formulated a winning strategy and have demonstrated its successful execution, year over year. This consistent performance is a result of our team and industry-leading platform.

We’re the best third-party management company because we have deep experience in self storage management and we’re the best at what we do.

Why Choose Third-Party Management?

  • Maximize the value of your property with experienced and dedicated industry professionals working for you
  • Avoid the challenges of managing staff, budgets, Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), marketing, and maintenance
  • Rely on industry professionals with decades of experience to handle your self storage operational needs and success

Why Choose Global MaxManagementsm?

  • Strong same-store double-digit percentage growth in FFO & AFFO.
  • Highly trained and experienced regional managers provide dedicated support to your local property managers.
  • Sophisticated and effective revenue rate management.
  • Revenue generating internet presence and instant brand recognition.
  • SEO strategy that makes you competitive.
  • Automated collections services and auction process.
  • Reliable, industry-leading call center.
  • Personalized rate increase program.
  • Access to a team of experienced management professionals.
  • Exemplary attention to staff training and development.
  • Strong financial foundation.
  • Purchasing power and reduced operating expenses.
  • Exit strategy opportunities that fit your needs.

Case Studies Demonstrating Strong Lease-up Performance at Expansions/Conversions

Key Competitive Factors vs. Public REIT Peers

  • Attract quality, long-staying tenants by incentivizing credit card auto-payers
  • Effective revenue rate management program
    • Dynamic rate management through daily analysis of competitive rates
    • Systematic rate increases per customers
    • Self-service kiosks make rentals and payments convenient and contactless
  • Greater agility allows innovation and faster response to market conditions and trends
  • Security is Our First Prioritysm  – we provide high-end and highly secure facilities with security cameras and keypad-coded access
  • Positive reviews on Google and other platforms attract customers


Key Takeaways

  • Self-storage REIT with double-digit percentage growth in same-store revenues and NOI.1
  • Strong lease-up performance at expansions/conversions in 2020.
  • Unique focus on high-quality tenants supports higher occupancy rates, longer lengths of stay and revenue rate increases.
  • Digital marketing expertise leads to positive brand reputation and visibility online.

See definition of NOI, a non-GAAP term, in Slide 3 of the Global Self Storage Third Party Management Presentation found towards the bottom of this web page, and reconciliation to GAAP in the Appendix.

Meet Our Team

For further information about Global MaxManagementsm see our third-party management presentation. 

Global MaxManagement Presentation


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most common questions about third-party management and partnering with Global Self Storage. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us anytime via email at or by phone (317) 597-5052